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Transfer Iphone data to Android

Ensure your important information stays with you when you move from iOS.

It’s fair to say that we all make mistakes, so if you’ve ever gone and bought yourself an iPhone, don’t beat yourself up too much. That fact that you’re now looking to move to Android is a step in the right direction, and the good news is you don’t have to leave vast swathes of iOS-stored data behind.

Various tools and tricks exist to allow you to move your most critical data cross. You can transfer your contacts, music, photos, email, calendar information and text messages, making for an easier transition between operating systems.

But there will be a few circumstances – particularly with iOS apps that don’t have a direct Android equivalent – where you may have a few issues. In these cases, simply look for the closest alternative. There are more apps on Google Play than on the App Store these days, so you won’t be short on choice.

Transfer Iphone data to Android

Step 1: Grab your iPhone contacts

The easiest way to move your contacts across is to head over to on a computer web browser. Log in, click on the Contacts icon and when your contacts appear, select the cog in the bottom left-hand corner and go to Select All. Now click Export vCard.

Step 2: Open Gmail contacts

Save the VCF fi le, head to and select Contacts from the top-left dropdown. Select More and click Leave The Contacts Preview if the option is available (you can’t import files via the preview so you need to do it via the old contacts screen). Select More and choose Import.

Step 3: Import the contacts file

Locate the file you saved from and then click More to select ‘Find & merge duplicates’. This will integrate your contacts, tidy things up a bit and prevent any crossovers. Now when you go to the Contacts app on your Android phone, you’ll find everyone there.

Step 4: Transfer your emails

This part is easy if you’re looking to move your Gmail account over – sign into the Gmail app on Android and everything will appear. If it’s iCloud email you want to move, though, download Microsoft Outlook for Android – it lets you easily set up iCloud using just an email and password.

Step 5: Move your calendar

By allowing your iPhone calendar to sync with Gmail, data will automatically appear in Android. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and ensure your Google account is added. For iCloud-based calendars, the Android app SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar will do the job perfectly for you.

Step 6: Transfer your photos over

Your photos are not stuck in iOS – connect your iPhone to a PC to export the images then drag them to an Android device. You can also download the Google Photos app on your iPhone that has the bonus of cloud backup. Open the app and select Back up & sync.

Step 7: Open photos in Android

Choose high-quality backups rather than the original versions if you want the benefits of unlimited cloud storage. Once Google Photos has synced with the cloud – which can take a while – open the Photos app in Android and your images will be sitting there for you.

Step 8: Copy your music

You don’t have to skip a beat when it comes to porting music from iOS to Android. Sync the iPhone to iTunes and install Google Play Music Manager on your computer. This will take your iTunes files and put them in the cloud, ready for use in Google Play Music.

Transfer Iphone data to Android

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