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Sync and play music on Android Wear

Sync and play music on Android Wear

Easily play music on your watch, no phone required.

AndroidWear is a system that is almost wholly dependant on being wirelessly connected to a phone. The reasons for this are varied, but the main one is that the watches do not have a direct connection to the internet so notifications and messages need to travel via the phone for them to appear on your wrist. Music, however, is a different story: you can move downloaded tracks to the watch and then play them anywhere through Bluetooth headphones without the need for a phone to be present. It may not sound like a groundbreaking feature, and technically it isn’t, but it does mean that you can enjoy your music when running or undertaking other activities without any pesky wires or the need to carry any extra objects with you. This tutorial details how to download tracks to your phone, how to move them to your watch and then how to manage them once they are playing. It’s a simple process, so you should be up and running in minutes.

Step 1: Online music

When you first open the Play Music app, it can be difficult to see which songs are stored online and which ones have been downloaded to your device. You need to first have the tracks downloaded to your phone in order to be able to
play them on your watch.

Step 2: Start a download

Tap the three dots next to any album, playlist or track and a new menu will appear. Now tap Download and the process will immediately begin to download the selected songs to your phone. Wait for all of the tracks to download
before continuing.

Step 3: Android Wear options

Go to the Play Music settings and scroll down the screen until you see Download to Android Wear. Make sure that this option is enabled and then tap Manage Wear downloads to see further information on the available tracks. It’s
very easy to miss this option.

Step 4: See the tracks

Tap Manage Wear downloads to see which tracks have been downloaded to your phone. The ones with an orange icon will be present and you can tap any listing to grey it out and remove the download. It takes some getting used to, but the system is fairly intuitive.

Step 5: Charge to sync

Your watch will need to be charging or hold a high current charge level for the downloaded tracks to start syncing. Now it’s time to be patient and wait for all the tracks to move over to the watch. It may take a good few minutes, but the wait will be worth it.

Step 6: Phone or Wear

When you scroll to the Play Music app on your watch, you will be given two choices: to play the music on your phone or your watch. Tap Play on Wear and the music will immediately start playing on your connected headphones, provided they have been set up correctly.

Step 7: Bluetooth headphones

Very few Android Wear watches include a headphone jack, so you will need to connect a Bluetooth pair of headphones to the watch to play audio natively. This screen prompt will appear if you have not done this and attempt to play music directly on the watch.

Step 8: Enjoy the music

It is now time to play the music that has been downloaded to your Android Wear watch. A large play/pause button ensures that managing your playing tracks on the go is as easy as can be. Complexity has been kept to a minimum
throughout for easy listening on the go.

Step 9: Simple music controls

Swipe when a track is playing to see a selection of simple music controls. You get forward, backwards and volume up/down, all of which are easy to tap at any point. It won’t take long to become completely familiar with how music works on Android Wear.

Sync and play music on Android Wear

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