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Speed up your Android device using Boost+

Speed up your Android device using Boost+

Over time, your phone and tablet can become weighed down by memory-hogging processes, junk files and other clutter you’re more likely to associate with a slow PC than a sluggish phone. But your mobile device is just a small
computer, which suffers similar ailments and needs similar treatment to get the best out of it.

Boost+ is a new app from mobile maker HTC that promises to get your Android phone or tablet – not just HTC devices – working like new, or closer to it. Like CCleaner and Clean Master, Boost+ works by identifying and disabling or removing apps, files and processes that slow down your device. This junk includes caches, temporary files and apps that run unnecessarily in the background, whether you’ve launched them or not.

Boost+ also includes an uninstaller that lets you sort apps according to memory usage, size or the last time you used them, and remove multiple apps at once. You can set passcodes for apps that contain private data.

At its most basic, Boost+ works as a one-tap storage and memory check. When you launch the app, it takes a moment to calculate and display storage information and memory. We found that our Moto X was a space-busting 91% full, and while its memory usage was a more reassuring 55%, we weren’t running any other apps. So what was using all that RAM?

In our Mini Workshop (right), we show you how to find the hidden culprits and then limit or remove them. Apps soon go back to hogging memory again if you let them, so we’ll also show you how to keep background app usage to a
minimum – by far the most effective way of keeping your Android device running faster and more reliably. Boost+
requires Lollipop or Marshmallow to run.

Step 1: As soon as you download and launch Boost+, it tells you how full your phone or tablet is and how much of its
memory (RAM) is in use. Tap Settings and then tick ‘Smart boost’ to clear background memory automatically.

Step 2: Tap the Boost icon to find out how much memory you can clear with one tap. Tick each of the apps you want to boost, then tap the lightning icon. This doesn’t remove the apps. The ‘Clear junk’ icon on the main screen lets you
blitz cache files, app installers, temp files and advertising junk.

Step 3: You’ll get a bigger performance boost by clearing apps that hog memory even though you no longer use them. Tap ‘Manage apps’ on the main screen, then tap the three lines, and ‘Oldest used’. Follow the steps to allow usage access. Then tap the boxes next to apps you rarely use, and tap the bin to uninstall them.

Speed up your Android device using Boost+

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