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Lock a stolen Android device

Locate your misplaced phone or send a stolen device into lockdown with Device Manager.

We’ve all experienced that moment of dread when you reach for your phone and find that your pocket or bag is empty (although hopefully you just misplaced your phone, and it wasn’t stolen!).

The Android Device Manager app aims to take some of the panic out of a missing device. Once you’ve installed the app, you can log into your account from any computer and see your device’s exact whereabouts via Google Maps.

You can also use this service to lock your device, while providing a message and telephone number that will appear on your device’s lockscreen; if someone finds your phone they can touch base with you. And, if it really does look like you won’t ever be seeing your phone again, you can wipe it remotely so you can be confident that no-one’s getting their
hands on your personal information. This clever function will help you to feel more safe and secure.

Lock a stolen Android device

Step 1: Set up the app

Download Android Device Manager from the Google Play store. Launch the app, read the disclaimer and then tap Accept. At this point, you’ll need to enter your Gmail address and password, and then tap Sign in. You’ll then be taken to the main Device Manager screen.

Step 2: Log in to the website

You can check your device’s whereabouts at any time from any computer or device. Head to google.com/android/devicemanager and login to your Gmail account. The Device Manager website will display your device’s current location via Google Maps.

Step 3: Find a misplaced device

If you’ve misplaced your device around the house, then Device Manager can help you locate it by ringing your device at full volume for up to five minutes. Click the Ring button and, once you’ve tracked down your device, stop it from ringing by pressing its Power button.

Step 4: Lock your device

Device Manager can also lock down a missing device to ensure no-one has access to your personal information. To lock your device from the Device Manager website, click Lock and set a password that will need to be entered to unlock your device.

Step 5: Send a message

Suspect your phone might have been misplaced rather than stolen? You can lock your device while also displaying a message and telephone number. To do this, select Lock, but make sure you complete the Recovery Message and Phone Number fields before finishing.

Step 6: Remotely wipe data

If you’ve accepted that your device may be gone for good, you can use Device Manager to remotely perform a factory reset. There’s no way to undo this action, but if you’re sure, select the Erase button, read the disclaimer, and then click Erase again.

Lock a stolen Android device

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