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Famous train stations


This post talks about the famous train stations in the world. Specially, talking about the Paddington Station in London, England and the Grand Central Station in New York City, USA.

A relaxing way of getting around is to travel by train. Many train stations have grown into impressive structures over the years and are famous for their architecture.

1. The Paddington Station

Location: London, England

Built: 1854, but a train stop has existed there since 1838.

Famous for: Paddington Bear.

Paddington was originally a stop for the Great Western Railway. This took people on holiday to resorts in southwest England. The main station was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a famous engineer. The roof is over 200 meters long. From London Paddington you can get to the underground and Heathrow (Airport) Express.

Paddingtong Bear is a famous children’s story character. He got his name from this station. There is a small tourist shop in the station that sells Paddington Bear souvenirs. The station has appeared in films and fiction. In fact, murder mystery writer Agatha Christie wrote a book entitled 4:50 from Paddington. There was also a gangster film that featured the station called The Long Good Friday.


2. Grand Central Station

Location: New York City, the United States

Built: 1871

Famous for: Having the most platforms in the world.

There are 44 platforms in Grand Central Station, and there will be 48 once a new Manhattan East access line is finished. Grand Central is the name of a previous station at the site, the subway station and a nearby post office.

There have been a number of films with scenes from Grand Central Station. Scenes from Superman take place in the station, but are actually filmed in London. In Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film North by Northwest (1959), a Madison Avenue advertising executive (played by Cary Grant) is mistaken for a government agent, and spies chase him across the country. There is an exciting scene in the film when Grant makes his escape from New York City. The scene was filmed at night inside the real Grand Central station. Another film with scenes from Grand Central Station is the Untouchables (1987). In this police crime thriller, there is a famous climatic shout-out which was filmed inside Grand Central.

The station is home to over 100 businesses and transports 125,000 commuters per day. If you ever visit Grand Central, you will be one of 500,000 daily visitors.


1. a way (n): a method.


2. to get around (exp): to travel or more from place to place.


3. the underground (n): the train system in London that is under the ground.


4. a gangster (n): a member of an organized criminal group.


5. to feature (v): if something is “featured” in a film, it is included.


6. the subway (n): the New York train system that is under the ground.


7. to be mistaken for (exp): if someone “mistakes you for” someone else, they think you are someone else.


8. commuters (n): people who use public transport everyday to go to work.

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