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Best apps for movie makers 2016

Best apps for movie makers 20161. FxGuru: Movie FX Director

Price: Free

Want to shoot more exciting mobile movies? This amazing app lets you add all sorts of Hollywood-style special effects  sci-fi , horror, disasters etc – cleverly matched to the camera’s motion. Shoot your own blockbuster!

2. Sun Seeker

Price: $7.5

When planning an exterior shooting schedule, you’ll need to know where the sun is going to be throughout the day. Sun Seeker includes a detailed augmented reality view to show its path so you can line up perfectly lit outdoor shots.

3. Digital Clapper

Price: Free

Serious filmmakers will want a digital clapperboard to capture exact timings on set for syncing sound and video. This free app does the job well and will make you feel like a pro. Now you just need your actors on set – lights, camera, action!

4. LightMeter Free

Price: Free

While designed mainly for still photography, this free light meter app will help you get the exposure settings just right on a dedicated video camera. There’s nothing worse than blown-out footage, so make sure that yours is perfectly balanced every time.

Best apps for movie makers 2016

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